“Let the Gun Nuts Exterminate Themselves”


  1. avatar Bob Buchman says:

    First of all I wonder if the gentleman is "on something" as he rambles on & on. Note his typical cry of the anti-gunner crowd that we should "force them to all carry guns, the kindergarten kids on up". I don't believe I've ever heard anyone say that and I've been a "gun nut" for about 55 years now. One of the big differences I've always noticed between pro-gun & anti-gun people is the pros are always in favor of individual choice while the anti's want people "forced" to somehow do this, that or the other thing and the world will all be rosy. He does have one good idea though. Let those who hate firearms so much establish their gun-free schools(which they have and they are attacked), work areas, stores, etc., and lable them promenently. The only stipulation is they CANNOT hire armed security. Gun free is gun free. It wouldn't bother me and it would keep the criminals away from the areas that my friends and I shop and live in.

  2. avatar Allen Lough says:

    As a proud "gun nut," I can only say that I am very thankful for people like this guy who unwittingly serve to prove which side of the gun freedom issue the "nuts" are actually on. If this man is considered to be an example of a rational human being, then the inmates truly are running the asylum.

  3. avatar Brent Nelson says:

    Quality comedy programming…

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