“It pays to be packing when you’re painting” Huh?

Credit where credit’s due. The Commercial Appeal (our second visit of the day) has at least re-written the police blotter for a bit of entertainment value. But there are limits to these things. “It pays to be packing when you’re painting,” the paper advises, with the following explanation. “Three men were painting a fence to cover gang graffiti across from 4677 Lindawood in Raleigh when a silver Dodge Stratus, occupied by several men fired shots at them, according to an affidavit filed by Shelby County Sheriff deputies.” Now don’t get to thinking that they were removing gang graffiti. They were replacing it. Hence “The victims returned fire using their 40-caliber handguns and the driver left. Deputies found the car at a Mapco at New Allen and Ridgemont with three bullet holes in the rear of the car occupied by five men.” Lucky men. In some ways. “A deputy found a loaded 25-caliber handgun in the front left pocket of Jedon Wynn, 18, according to the affidavit. He is charged with aggravated assault and unlawfully carrying or being in possession of a weapon. The driver also was transported to 201 Poplar. But there were no charges listed against him.” My takeaway? Friends don’t let friends passenger with a .25.

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