Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Jaymanwashere

Coincidentally enough, the relevant part of this video occurs at :22. Clearly, the black woman firing this Walther is not the gun’s owner. Clearly, the gun’s owner did not tell the shooter the first rule of guns: NEVER POINT THE GUN AT SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO SHOOT. Which would, I’m thinking, include your face. (Unless it doesn’t, but let’s not go there.) So whose gun is it? Who gave a neophyte a loaded weapon without even basic training or, for that matter, a psychological beat-down for almost just about doing the wrong thing? Whoever owns this weapon wins our IGOD gong. And here’s another point: I believe there’s no such thing a a casual observer when it comes to gun safety. YOU must take responsibility for gun safety whether it’s your gun or not. If the unthinkable had happened here, I would have assigned special blame to the videographer, jaymanwashere. And then showed the resulting video to all new gun owners.


  1. avatar Martin says:

    I’ve never owned a gun, and don’t know much about gun safety, but I notice that at the end, the more experienced shooter’s finger is on the trigger even though she is not about to shoot.

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