Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Bruce Lavallee-Davidson

Sex can be fun. Guns can be fun (true story). Sex with guns may be fun, for some. And I’m sure there’s a website for that somewhere (no YOU Google it). But whether your clothes are off or on; whether there’s one, two, three (as in this case) or more people involved; there’s no getting around the cardinal rule of gun safety: never point a weapon at anything you don’t want to destroy. It’s a lesson that Bruce Lavallee-Davidson should have learned a long time ago. Like, say, BEFORE he got a gun. But didn’t. Obviously. reports.

One of his lawyers, Mike Whipple, said his client checked three times over the course of the night to make sure the .44-caliber Rossi revolver wasn’t loaded. Whipple contends it’s likely Wilson loaded the gun while Lavallee-Davidson briefly stepped away to use the bathroom. When Lavallee-Davidson returned, Wilson asked him to put the gun to his head and pull the trigger to intensify his pleasure, the defense had argued. On the first try, there was a click when Lavallee-Davidson pulled the trigger. Wilson asked him to do it again, and there was a flash, the defense said.

As in BANG, you’re dead. Party over. Lavallee-Davidson was found guilty of manslaughter. He will be sentenced today.

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