Gilbert Arenas Gets Two-Year Suspended Sentence for Firearms Offense

With a bit of luck we can now put this story to bed. Washington Wizards B-Baller Gilbert Arenas will serve-out his two-year suspended sentence (including 30 days in a halfway house and 400 hours of community service) for felony gun possession, and we can go on to other equally not to say more important firearms-related reportage. Of course, the chances are that it won’t be the end of it. Like our local basketball firearms felon—Marvin “Tire Iron” Barnes—it seems highly likely that Mr. Arenas will someday return to court all guns blazing. Or not, as the case may be. And it must be said: WTF was the judge thinking? The prosecutors in the case argued long and hard that Mr. Arenas should do some time for the crime, as anyone else would. AND Mr. Arenas displayed no remorse for threatening the life of a fellow player and/or bringing some big, ugly guns into the Verizon Center. To wit: “Every day, I wake up wishing it did not happen,” Arenas said in court. Not “Every day, I wake up wishing I hadn’t done it.” Oh, and a three piece suit? That in itself is a crime; an anathema to anyone who wants to conceal carry. Just sayin’.


  1. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    Thus proving, once again, that we have the best legal system money can buy. Or to put it another way, it's the Golden Rule, i.e.: Whoever's got the gold, makes the rules. If you had someone that owned the same kind of arsenal (okay, without the gold-plated pistol) that Arenas had and was arrested for packin' in public, they'd put the non-famous guy UNDER the jail. This guy should go to jail not only for a lack of remorse, breaking the law, and just being generally stupid, but also for offering up the anti-gun folks a new poster boy for why they believe that strict(er) gun control laws are needed. Bonehead.

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