Garden & Gun Magazine Nominated for an “Ellie”

An Ellie, for those of you who don’t work for the highly endangered communication format known as “a magazine,” is an award bestowed upon said media by the National Magazine Awards folks. It’s the same old suspects this year, with one surprising upstart: Garden & Gun. You’d be forgiven for thinking that a magazine called Garden & Gun would feature gardens and guns—as opposed to, say, travel, food, bloody Mary recipes, antiques and [non-gun-related] interior design. But you’d be wrong—at least if you go by (buy?) the magazine’s website homepage. Of course, there are tabs with gun-related titles, right? Sorry guys, you gotta dig for articles like “Extreme Gun Makeover.” And there ain’t many of them neither. Oh well. At least we know that the word “gun” still has power in certain circles, even if it’s not quite as chi-chi as one might hope.

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