Florida: M4 Carbine Swiped from SWAT

Officer John Foshee [not shown] would have been our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day. But I’ve already awarded that dubious distinction to a mother whose firearms tolerance proved fatal. So let’s just say that Officer Foshee was caught with his pants down isn’t leading by example when it comes to the proper storage and control of high-powered rifles (I find the term “assault rifle” an assault on the defensive capabilities of other guns). “Sources told WFTV an automatic M-4 assault rifle was stolen from the unmarked vehicle of nine-year veteran Officer John Foshee outside his home in Volusia County over the weekend.” Call it the Curley defense (i.e. I’m a victim of coicumstance!).

“It was one of eight vehicles broken into on the same block,’ prevaricates Gary Davidson, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. “It’s very likely the suspect or suspects didn’t realize they were breaking into a law enforcement vehicle.”

Oh, so that’s OK then. ‘Cause it had nothing to do with Foshee.

WFTV’s sources said there was even a special key left in the car’s gun rack that allowed the thieves to steal the very high-powered weapon. . . . Investigators won’t say exactly where the break-ins happened, because the officer’s address is protected, but WFTV learned it was somewhere off of Courtland in northeast Deltona and the officer may have even left his doors unlocked, because detectives found no sign of forced entry.

And remember kids: two wrongs don’t make a right!

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