“Fear No Evil” Hornady 9.3 x 74R 286 gr InterLock® SP-RP Round

Devastating terminal performance” for $86.77 a box. Before I share the ad copy, quick question: since when are wild animals evil?

Hornady Dangerous Game Series ammunition is designed specifically for dangerous game and safari hunting. These cartridges feature both classic bullets, like the 270 gr InterLock Spire Point-Recoil Proof, as well as our new flagship DGS and DGX bullets. All ammunition is designed to work well in all rifles, and meticulous attention was devoted to ensure that ammunition like the 450/400 Nitro Express 3″, and 450 Nitro Express 3-1/4″ regulate properly in both classic doubles and their younger counterparts.

Load your rifle with Hornady Dangerous Game Series Ammunition or InterLock SP or SP-RP bullets and FEAR NO EVIL!

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