Denver Police [Finally] Release Tanner Gun Show Accident Details

The Denver Post finally reports that the Denver police have finally released details re: the accident at the Tanner Gun Show on Saturday. “Joshua Hertzler, 24, of Thornton was examining a pistol at the table of vendor James Peterschmidt, 68, of Aurora when gun went off and struck 22-year-old Grant Edmunds of Laramie, Wyo.” The Post reported earlier that Grant Edmunds is still in hospital, with unspecified injuries in an unspecified condition. And . . . that’s it. “Adams County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Candi Baker said the shooting remains under investigation and the facts will be presented to the District Attorney’s office to determine charges, if any.” How about they present some of them thar’ facts to the press, given that the public pays their salary?

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