Delaware State Police: Survival Equipment = Guns

On one hand, it’s hard to argue with the idea that the Delaware State Police (DSP) considers firearms and ballistic vests “survival equipment.” On the other hand, give me a break. Do we really believe that legislators intended $125,000 from the 2010 Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Conference Agreement to pay for 30 shotguns, 30 handguns, and 150 vests for the DSP as survival gear? Not that our elected representatives would care, given the bill’s $64.416 billion taxpayer tab. In either case, thank Senator Scarper. Sorry, Carper. At least we may be able to see what the DSP does with the new kit. “The DSP [also] received $1,500,000 for an in-car camera system for their patrol cars. The money will be used to purchase 350 digital in-car cameras for patrol fleet and centralized digital storage devices. The purpose of this project is to provide valuable evidentiary information in both criminal and civil processes.”

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