Croats Debut New VHS Assault Rifle. Again. Still.

Croatian firearms manufacturing company HS Produkt introduced its new VHS assault rifle to the media and foreign officials at the Vrapcanski potok shooting range near Zagreb. Either that or The Croation TImes has just got round to reporting it (ironic motto: “We’ve got Croatia covered”); our apolitical pals at gave us the low-down on the VHS back in December ’08. Maybe the VHS was beta testing. Anyway, the 10,700 kunas ($2,027.63) rifle chambers 5.56x45mm NATO rounds. According to product rep Hrvoje Japuncic, the company has delivered 200 of 1000 rifles ordered by the Croatian army, with the rest destined for active duty “by summer.” About time, too. And about the marketing. VHS? Really?


  1. avatar Marcellogo says:

    What is problem? Rifle was presented to military attaches accredited in the republic of Croatia. It is a different thing to present it to national press, like in December 2008.
    To general public it was however presented in June 2009 at Ground army day in Karlovac.

    Maybe is a problem of copy and paste and pass to traslator style journalism, or maybe english is a too simply language to render what in original text was obvious.

  2. avatar okto says:

    Why does Croatia spell FAMAS with a V?

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