Guns And Cleavage Don’t Mix

Despite an entire genre of girls ‘n guns and 8,933,621 views for this Maxim video, there are dangers to mixing hot chicks and hot lead. The reports that A 22-year-old Fremont woman accidentally shot herself at an indoor shooting range. “Milpitas police responded to Target Masters shooting range at 122 Minnis Circle on a report of a person being shot. Upon investigation, officers determined the woman was shooting a gun for the first time, when an ejected bullet casing landed in her shirt, police said. The first-time shooter attempted to remove the hot casing from her clothing while holding the gun and it accidentally discharged.” Only in the sense that she didn’t want to shoot herself. Police said the woman was shot in the leg and transported to a local hospital for treatment and she is expected to survive. There were no other reported injuries.” Yet.

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