Brother of Mark Andrew Morse Responds to Drug Ruling in AZ Post-Taser Autopsy

We received this comment underneath our story Refuses to Re-Write Misleading “Taser Death Headline from the brother of Mark Andrew Morse. We believe it to be genuine. We present it here without editing. Andrew Morse died after being Tasered by Arizona police. An autopsy concluded that the Taser event did not cause or contribute to his death; Andrew Morse died of a heart attack triggered by methamphetamine abuse. The views expressed here are those of Mr. R. David Morse.

I don’t know what you mean my brother was murdered by the Highway Patrol Feb.4, 2010 @ 1:30 am. , He was unarmed, had no record, was on vacation from Little Rock Ak., just walking down the access road, no drugs, sober. He was beaten brutally and tasered and killed then autopsied before any one even notified us that he was dead. As if that’s not enough they wouldn’t let us see the body to identify if it was even him, they kept the body for longer than the law allows! My brother Mark Andrew Morse was here to introduce his soon to be wife to our mother Mon. Feb. 1st 2010 and was killed on the 4th with not even so much as a some what reasonable explanation. They didn’t even notify the press until the Feb. 8th because they are or were trying to just sweep this under the mat and I’m sorry but that is absolutely unexceptable.

These so called law enforcement officers are supposed to protctect and serve the public, not act just like the the people they are supposed to protect us from. We pay them with our tax dollars for god’s sake their children are provided for because our taxes pay them to do their job with dignity and respect because we trust them. This is not right that unnamed officer should be sitting in jail because you can’t just kill innocent citizens and hide behind your badge who the hell are you protecting anyway.Because I DON’T feel safe and if this is the way of the future then how the hell can any one feel that their children are safe on the streets and why are you receiving a pay check when your a bigger criminal than the people you arrest. If the Police / DPS in Phx. Az. can just be the judge, jury, and executioner because they wear a badge Democracy has failed and we should just keep our tax dollars and protect ourselfs. So who’s gonna be held accountable for Mark’s murder?? The county medical examiner still say’s he doesn’t or can’t give a cause for death what a professional cover up that is, my brother has already been buried and he was breathing fine before he took a walk. People if this doesn’t open your eye’s and scare the hell out of you then you must not be breathing any more or you just like throwing away your tax dollars. I guess you can just flip a coin cause you could be the next citizen protected and served up to the morg dissected by a specialist in his field to be told there’s no apparent reason or explanation that you now have to live in a box 6 feet under ground but thank you for your tax dollars… Thank You For your Attention R.David Morse

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