BB Guns In The News: Death and Disorder

WLKY reports that an 11-year-old Louisville boy was shot and killed when a 16-year-old relative fired a Daisy PowerLine 880 at his chest at close range. According to this and other accounts, the boys had been playing with the gun whilst the weapon was unloaded. An unidentified third person then loaded the gun without telling them. The tragedy occurred when they resumed playing. Police say they’re not filing charges against anyone involved. They may have good reason not to stir up that particular hornet’s nest; neighbor Tim Childers had called the police about the gun after he’d come under BB gun sniper fire earlier in the day. “The bb gun could have been taken away, period. I mean, period, point blank,” Childers said with unintentional irony. Daisy enthusiasts note: Fox41, like others, are looking to blame the gun. Everyone else should note the comment under the review above: “Daisy powerline 880 is deadly.” Meanwhile, over in Shrevesport . . .

The reports police arrested 17-year-old Freddiericka Terrell for showing a BB gun to a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) class. Police booked Ms. Terrell on one count of carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon on school property. If convicted, she could serve up to five years in prison at hard labor.


  1. avatar TIESHUN HOLMES says:

    aaaawwwww wad da hell???

  2. avatar edgar says:

    tell me…should the gun have been pointed at anyone in the first place?The number one rule of gun saftey is ALWAYS treat the gun as if its loaded even if you know it isnt

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