AK-47 v. M16

Considering this last night’s news that the U.S. Army is sending 5000 M14 Enhanced to Afghanistan, I thought it a good time to post this look at the weapon’s rival: ye olde AK-47. The M14’s not the M16, but still.


  1. avatar Detlef says:

    All due respect to the Gunny, but "accuracy with continuous fully automatic fire" is a laughable idea unless we're talking dedicated machine guns fired from bi/tripods or pintle mounts. Gunny Ermey knows that, of course, but that just begs the question – has there ever been a truly informative television program on firearms? Or even a "Top Gear" of firearms shows?

    Worse still, the full-auto accuracy test wouldn't even be possible without the use of an early M16 (note the duckbill flash suppressor), the long-retired M16A1 (out of service since the early 1980s), or the exceptionally rare, spec ops-fielded M16A3. Standard-issue M16s (the A2 or A4) don't have a full automatic setting because properly trained troops on the battlefield have no business spraying and praying. Three-round burst is all you get these days – and, really, is all you need. If not, get that SAW in action.

    Also: the guy field-stripping that M16 was sure taking his sweet time.

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Strategy eats technology for lunch.

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