Ex-Beretta Sales Rep Nicked for Selling Arms to Iran

“You want to know where they found two of the sniper scopes, between you and me [and TTAG’s readers]?” Beretta sales-rep-turned-arms dealer Alessandro Bon asked an “associate” in a wiretapped conversation. “In Afghanistan … They fired on German soldiers with two of the sniper scopes and the serial numbers were traced … and the [German] […]

Florida: M4 Carbine Swiped from SWAT

Officer John Foshee [not shown] would have been our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day. But I’ve already awarded that dubious distinction to a mother whose firearms tolerance proved fatal. So let’s just say that Officer Foshee was caught with his pants down isn’t leading by example when it comes to the proper storage and […]

ATF Expands eTrace to Belgium. JPFO: Why?

Belgium makes some first-class firearms. The City of Liege has been at it since 1350ish. Thanks to Europe’s pervasive anti-gun culture (just sayin’), the country’s firearms industry is a shadow of its former self. But there’s still some action. In addition to its most excellent name-brand American exports and its military guns and ammo, Belgium’s […]

“Jesus Scopes” Critics Need to Find Their Smile

“Enjoy your war profits” comely commentator Rachel Maddow snarked at the end of her MSNBC report on the “Jesus Guns” controversy. Maddow was upset at Trijicon scopes for selling the U.S. Army some 250,000 Advance Combat Optical Guides engraved with serial numbers referring to Biblical passages. For example, one of the scopes is engraved with […]