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This pocket dump includes a Colt 1911 and a Kershaw Blur. What I find interesting is the handmade Damascus blade in the lower righthand corner, though. Highly unique for an EDC blade. The owner, Stephen Prinsloo, says he swaps out his knives and watches regularly.

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  1. . Yes the Damascus steel blade is nice.Normaly I have snide remarks of someone’s EDC but, heh heh, this guys caring a Colt 1911. And yah can’t beat that

    • Why not keep them both? I was thinking about why no Daily Digest, maybe copyrights or something. I don’t know how this internet stuff works, bandwidth restrictions, data, gigabit, digi’s????

      • “I was thinking about why no Daily Digest, maybe copyrights or something”

        Highly doubtful, most likely, no one wants to do it.

        Hey, Dan – You looking for help in that department?

        • Indeed. I’d be willing to do it, not for free though. Obama isn’t president anymore so that workin for free shit don’t fly anymore.

  2. I personally like the “Dump”. It shows people thinking on their feet, and showing that they ARE carrying, just in a manner that is within their comfort zone. I have adjusted the way I carry, based on the plethora of common, and unique items on the market, to include adjusting their wardrobes to safety and discretely carry concealed. If nothing else, I just glad to finally see MORE people carrying!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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