Gear Review: Wilson Combat Beretta 92/96 Short Reach Steel Trigger

The distance between the go-pedal and the backstrap on a 92 series handgun is approximately three inches. For some people it might as well be a mile. Small-handed shooters have always had a problem effectively grasping the Beretta 92’s trigger (as well as Big Gulps, footballs, etc.). Most can only shoot the gun effectively in single action (SA) mode. My […]

Gear Review: Wilson Combat Beretta 92/96 Reduced Power Hammer Spring

I grew up watching John McClane and Martin Riggs with wide-eyed adoration. So I’ve always known that a Beretta 92 and I were meant to be. But close encounters of the ergonomic and ballistic kind proved a let down; I really didn’t dig the pistol in its stock form. Back in March, 1911-makers Wilson Combat announced they were producing aftermarket parts for the […]

EDC For CCW: Wilson Combat Rapid Response XL

Unlike most EDC knives which are great for box-cutting and, well, okay for CCW backup, Wilson Combat knives are designed from the ground up to stand in harm’s way with Wilson’s combat-tuned handguns and long guns. Their latest offering is the $289 Rapid Response XL. Jump over to The Truth About Knives for more.

Wilson Combat Lubricant: “Feel The Difference!” I Say Nothing After extensive testing and development, we are pleased to announce the availability of the all-new Ultima-Lube II line of lubricants and gun care products. As the high-performance firearms experts since 1977, we truly understand the value of a top quality lubrication system to keep your guns operational in demanding, high-round count environments across a […]

How to Build a $4500 Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade 1911

While we await the inevitable How Do They Do It? episode on Wilson Combat 1911s, the gunmaker’s blog offers a slide show showing how they build the slide, and all the other bits. And then piece them together. Slowly. And carefully. Using high-quality, high-cost parts. The resulting Tactical Supergrade starts at $4500. Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical […]

Wilson Combat Ammo

Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which we shouldn’t put. But do, as it’s Wilson Combat. “We have assembled ultra-reliable ammunition with excellent shooting characteristics, match grade accuracy and outstanding terminal performance that you can confidently stake your life on.” The ammo is now available online exclusively through Midway USA in .380, 9mm, […]

Wilson Combat: 3 Steps to Speccing a Custom Gun

Just got off the blower with John May. The Sales Manager at Wilson Combat has been promising to send TTAG a gun to review since the Wilson administration. Or thereabouts. Still, John’s got more stories than the Empire State building; the man is a world class shooter and yarn-spinner. At some point, I told John about a pal who’s […]

Wilson Combat: Say Hello to the New X-Tac

Question: what’s a “working operator”? Google search, fifth entry: How to Find Home-Based Phone Sex Operator Jobs. Wilson X-tac press release, first sentence: “Enhanced grip texture, Enhanced sight picture and Wilson Combat’s legendary attention to detail add up to a unique new offering destined to be a top choice of working operators everywhere.” Oh baby!  “The new […]