American Gun Rights: Power to the People

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The Second Amendment was NOT written to enshrine every American with the right to own a gun for hunting, sport or self-defense from violent crime. These un-enumerated rights are merely…

Historical Symmetry: Four Reverends and Four Men Named George

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This is a tale of four Georges. The first George, George Santayana (aka Jorge Agustín Nicolás Ruiz de Santayana y Borrás) famously penned, “Those who cannot remember the past are…

Book Review: Soft Target by Stephen Hunter

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After my book review of Stephen Hunter’s 2010 release, Dead Zero, I didn’t think that the good folks at Simon & Schuster would be offering me an advance review copy…

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Book Review: Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva

After the release of Daniel Silva’s book The Rembrandt Affair last year, I speculated that it might be the last book we see from Silva featuring his tragic hero, Israeli…

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Book Review: Silent Enemy by Thomas W. Young

Thomas W. Young leverages his experience in Air National Guard cockpits with the authenticity that only someone who has been there and done that can deliver. He convincingly puts the reader on the flight deck of a C-5 Galaxy with a crew fighting to save their own lives.

Take Two: Somali Pirates

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While preparing to write my fictional account of the voyage of the Neko II around Africa, which Mr. Farago has been good enough to publish in serial on this site,…

I have met gun owners from all walks of life: rich and poor; conservative and liberal; libertarians and libertines. I know of one who even likes to wear pink hats. While we may differ on issues like abortion or healthcare reform, I find that there is a common life outlook that we all share. Gun owners love to breathe the air of freedom. So as we watch the Arab street rise up and seek to throw off the chains of oppressive monarchies and dictatorships, there is a lot for us to think about.


Editorial: The Truth About Gun Rights and Arab Unrest

I have met gun owners from all walks of life: rich and poor; conservative and liberal; libertarians and libertines. I know of one who even likes to wear pink hats….

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Book Review: Dead Zero by Stephen Hunter

WARNING: this book review of Dead Zero by Stephen Hunter contains strong opinions, spoilers, and psychological nudity. If you are a die-hard Hunter fan and are looking forward to reading Dead Zero, do NOT read beyond the break.

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Question of the Day II: Is Gun Control a Tenet of Christianity?

Is gun control a religious issue? More pointedly, it is a tenant of Christianity? Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence president Paul Helmke, Republican former mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, says…

Richard Cohen: “It’s the gun that did it.”

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Wooly Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen weighed in on the Tucson shooting that resulted in the death of U.S. District Judge John Roll and five others during a botched assassination…

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Editorial: Deconstructing Kellermann

While a student many, many moons ago I worked as the secretary of a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Although my responsibilities were strictly clerical, I observed a thing or two about…

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Book Review: Colonel Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

   Perhaps no other American president was a better embodiment of the people he represented than Theodore Roosevelt.  Roosevelt was a tough self-made man who ran a Dakota cattle ranch…