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Wild West Guns: Super-Lightweight .300 WSM

‘Simplify and add lightness’ is an engineer’s motto. Wild West Guns adds a whole lot of lightness to this stainless Remington 700 SPS in .300 WSM: almost two pounds’ worth. Two pounds of ‘lightness’ doesn’t come cheap, but neither do fully custom hunting rifles…

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Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

(I Wish This Were A Full) Gun Review: Wild West Guns Custom AR-15

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns Unlike Senor Farago, I’ve never owned a Porsche or a Ferrari or anything like them. I’ve never driven one. I’ve never ridden in one, and (sad but true) I’ve never even sat in one. But for a few hours this weekend I got to shoot one, in a manner of speaking. Weather and politics and economics conspired to keep my trigger time short, but it was oh so sweet.

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New from Wild West Guns: .460 Rowland Springfield XD conversion

If your interpretation of ‘tactical’ means engaging in extended firefights with Kodiak island brown bears, Wild West Guns has just the secondary weapon system you need. Their drop-in .460 Rowland conversion kits will turn your .45 ACP 1911, M&P or XD-45 (pictured) into a bruin-blasting beast spitting out 230-grain punishment at 1250 fps. Suck that, 10mm!

Click here for more info on the .460 Rowland cartridge itself, if you dare.


The Cowboy Assault Rifle done right, by Wild West Guns

Call me a traditionalist, but I don’t think Cowboy Tactical gets any cooler than this Marlin .44 Magnum by Wild West Guns. If you want it, you’d better call them soon, though. Just like real estate, Marlin isn’t making them any more.

Wild West Guns To The Rescue!

Video Preview: Can Wild West Guns Rescue the Marlin 1894c?


As you may recall, Marlin sent us a pair of .357 Magnum lever-action carbines, and to describe the aftermath as a PR failure would be a polite understatement. Wild West Guns worked their magic on one of them, and did their best to fix most of what Marlin got wrong. Do I like the results so far? Yes, I do.