Beginner’s Guide To Media Interviews

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  The mainstream media industry isn’t your friend. Even your local newspaper or television station, unless it’s a small market, probably isn’t all that supportive of gun rights. (One litmus…

It Should’ve Been A DGU: Four Times Three = VCU CCW Edition

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  There’s plenty of crime on and just off campus at Virginia Commonwealth University. As you might expect for such a large, upmarket “gun free” zone. At last count there were 1,111 incidents…

Richmond Times Columnist: VA CHP Owners Are “Piles of Diarrhea”

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At 4:15pm this Wednesday, TTAG personal defense writer Philip Van Cleave will appear on a NBC 12 News “First at 4” “round table discussion” (a.k.a. free-for-all). The president of the Virginia…