NRA Convention: Ollie North on the ATF Gunwalker Scandal

Col. Oliver North ♥ the NRA. Which is cool. And he was here again today, this time plugging his latest book. I took the chance to get 15 seconds of facetime with the Colonel, and asked him what he thought of the ATF follies. His reply was in line with what you’d expect: straightforward, un-ambiguous, […]

Violent Videogames “Causal Risk Factor for Increased Aggressive Behavior”

The latest issue of The American Psychological Association’s Bulletin is out! As excited as I am at the prospect of reading “Understanding disclosure decision making and postdisclosure outcomes among people living with a concealable stigmatized identity,” here’s what really caught my eye: “Violent video game effects on aggression, empathy, and prosocial behavior in Eastern and […]