If Shooting Turkeys Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It. Right?

To paraphrase my favorite line in any B52’s song, WELL IT ISN’T! And remember: we’re just talking about the difficulty of actually shooting the bird. Not the difficulty of convincing her indoors that you need a little Tom-killing time. Actually, I’m not talking about hunting turkeys (much, really). It’s the mono-monikered “Myhre” writing for siouxcityjournal.com […]

A Turkey Hunting Grammar Primer

In case you didn’t know it, the turkey hunting season is upon us. In Oklahoma, turkeys are fair game on April 6. Bixbybulletin.com wants its readers to know that everything’s Jake. To that end, they interviewed Ron Smith, southwest region senior wildlife biologist for the Wildlife Department. “If you haven’t hunted turkey, you haven’t lived! […]