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5.56 Ammo Drought Almost Over…But Don’t Buy Yet!

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Ever since the Dark Days of December, 2012, 5.56mm ammo has been scarce as as TTAG post without a link to an Israeli supermodel. Through this past winter and spring, shoppers would arrive hours before opening to wait in at local sporting goods stores on the rumor that a few cases of 5.56 might briefly hit the shelves. They rarely did. But that’s all ending. Five weeks ago a thousand rounds of steel 5.56 cost $480 plus shipping, and now it’s $400. If you can stand to do business with CTD, they’re advertising the same ammo for $360 . . .

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Tulammo: Don’t Blame Us For Higher Prices


I run lots of Tulammo through my 5.56 AR and AK. It’s not the most accurate 5.56 ammo in the world, but it was cheap and it goes bang and it’s great for plinking and practice. (Although not necessarily with match-chambered race guns…) And now, like anything chambered in 5.56, it’s either gone or way overpriced. But…

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Gun Review: CZ-75 P07 Duty 9mm

A while ago I decided to get out of the .45 game. Why, you ask? The short answer is it was getting too expensive to shoot. The long answer lies in modern ammunition technology, but that’s a different article. One morning my lovely wife got tired of my bitching and said, “Why don’t you get that 9mm you’ve been talking about?” The gun in question was the CZ 75 P-07 Duty, a polymer version of the ergonomically delicious CZ-75. With the .45s on the chopping block and the 9mm stepping up to the plate, I was hoping for czechmate.

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Gun Review: SIG Sauer P220

I once read somewhere that no one finds their perfect gun right away. Inevitably we end up trying new ones and finding features or ergonomics that we prefer over our current set up. I thought I was done with this disease; I thought the days of my wife rolling her eyes over my long-winded explanations of why gun A should be traded for gun B were a thing of the past. If you can’t tell by now, I was wrong. The catalyst happened a few weeks ago when I taught a concealed weapons class where one of the students was utilizing a new SIG-Sauer P220. Upon taking the weapon from him to explain how the decocker worked, something clicked in my mind. At the range he let me shoot a magazine through it and I knew I was in serious trouble. Two weeks later I became a first-time SIG owner . . .

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Gun Review: Springfield Armory XDm 5.25″ 9mm

Competition shooters shell-out thousands of dollars for tricked-out polymer pistols. Glock has long been the big dog in the field (“Ole Reliable”). Over the last few years, more and more mainstream manufacturers have seen the advantages of (i.e. profit in) modifying their models for customers who are more results than price-driven. Smith & Wesson entered the fray with their M&P Pro SeriesSpringfield Armory (SA) recently introduced their XDm 5.25” Competition Models in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Springfield graciously provided us with one of their 9mm Competition Models so we could see if a fool and his plain Jane pistol could soon be parted . . .

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UPDATE: Remington UMC vs. Ruger SR9c – Are We There Yet?

I’ve just returned from the American Firearms School, where I fed our test and evaluation Ruger SR9c something other than 115-grain Remington UMC bullets. In specific, I shot ten rounds-plus from each of the five boxes above: Vollmantel, Independence (a soft-shooting budget brand that produces some big-ass muzzle flash), TulAmmo, American Eagle and Winchester White Box. Hakuna mutata. Means no worries, for the rest of my life. I hope. Meanwhile . . .

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