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Vegas Guns

SHOT Show Recce: Only In Las Vegas

Decades ago, I got stranded overnight at Las Vegas’s McCarron International Airport. I had a night to kill in Sin City, and didn’t even have the brass in my pocket for a cab ride to the Strip and back. In the middle of a nearly-sleepless night listening to Steve Lawrence and some jackhole named Bernaducci reminding me to ‘Walk on the Left, Stand on the Right’ on the airport’s many moving walkways, I found myself wishing that a fully loaded KC-135 from nearby Nellis AFB would crash into the terminal and put me out of my misery . . .

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TSA and Logic. Do These Things Go Together?

Travel is kind of a pain in the ass, nowadays. In America (the largest developed nation without reliable, efficient passenger train service) you’ve got three choices – automobile, bus, and airplane. And for all it’s speed, convenience, and relative low-cost, flying has gotten to be the biggest pain of all, thanks to the legacy of the late, un-lamented Osama Bin Laden. I’m all for our government trying to make air travel safe(r). But I just wish they’d find a way to do it without either making me feel LESS safe, or giving me a headache from all the convoluted logic they use to do their job. Case in point, my trip home from the NRA confab…

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NRA Convention: Is This Pen TSA-Friendly?

I love the concept of “tactical” just about anything (although that flashlight gun has to be an accident waiting to happen). So when manufacturers started making tactical pens, I thought “hey…cool…something I can I can carry on the plane since I can’t take my gun!” Um. Maybe. Maybe not.  continue reading

Incendiary Image of the Day: Pen is Mightier than the Sword Edition

What you see before you is an example of the no longer mythical “pen gun,” a device designed to fire a single .22LR cartridge at…well…someone. Now before we get all Our Man Flint here, let’s note a couple of things. There are no sights (laser or otherwise). It’s a single shot, meaning is half as useful as a derringer. And it ain’t cheap. Apparently, this little jewel goes for somewhere around two and a half Benjamins. Oh, and you can shoot your mouth off with this. Literally. And inadvertently.

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The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part IV

Okay campers, it’s time for the ‘red meat’ portion of the interview. Fasten your seat belts…it’s gonna be a bumpy flight, as we tackle Gabe Suarez, flying with guns, and self-defense products versus the TSA. If you’ve not caught the other parts of the series, do yourself a favor, and start at the beginning. Or if you missed Part II, click here, or Part III, here. And now, back to the questions from TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia…

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Buying Firearms in the Age of Uncertainty.

All the results are in. The science is settled. No bout a-doubt it. What am I talking about? Global Warming? Nope. The Rise of Socialism? Not a chance. My being footloose and fiancé-free? Well, true, but not what’s on the plate here. No, fellow-TTAGers, I’m speaking of us living in the Age of Uncertainty. Well, to be completely accurate AN Age of Uncertainty, since these things seem to come about once every generation or so. You know…integrate…disintegrate…integrate…you get the picture. At this point in our history, it seems that there’s less we can count on (aside from death and taxes), but even those hallowed institutions seem fraught with Heisenberg’s best. (Death panels and sunsetting tax breaks anyone?) Nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of firearms. And why wouldn’t it be?

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We’re From the Government. We’re Here to Help (You Transfer a Firearm).

While all our lonely eyes are turned toward the TSA and their desire to either give us cancer or feel us up, there’s another set of regulations that the government has foisted upon us that might bear a little scrutiny. That is if you like the 2nd Amendment, in practice as well as abstract theory. I speak of the laws that govern the transfer of firearms betwixt a customer and some other entity, be it dealer, private seller, or manufacturer.

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