Do You Know Your Rifle’s Maximum Point-Blank Range? Guns for Beginners

John Farnam writes [via]: Conversations with “precision riflemen” often get into tedious, esoteric mathematical realms, and usually very quickly. Many factors influence the bullet during the brief fraction of a second (sometimes longer) while it is in free-flight between when it departs the muzzle and the point of ultimate impact (exterior ballistics), but the two […]

Gun Review: Win Gun M84 Airsoft Pistol

  Here’s a look at a gun that’s a little outside the ordinary here at The Truth About Guns:  the airsoft WG M84, a copy of sorts of the Beretta Model 84. For many years I scoffed at airsoft as a training tool. And then I started taking some force-on-force coursework – reality based training […]

Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Mind the Reactionary Gap

A Sudanese refugee named Omer Ismail Ali found himself rapidly and promiscuously perforated by a police officer in Kelso, Washington recently. Ali assumed room temperature shortly after storming into a convenience store with a four-foot long stick and beating everyone in sight. His rampage didn’t last long. A police officer happened to be in the […]