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OMG! A Banana! With a Rifle! OMG!

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According to 12 News an unnamed man was cited by Beaumont, Texas police on Saturday while standing in front of a gun store and wearing a banana suit…with an AK slung across his back. Nothing to see here, officers: the man was working for the store’s owner. Notice I said cited, not arrested: the man was also waving a placard with an arrow, directing customers to the ‘Grand Re-Opening’ sale for the Golden Triangle Tactical store. This open display of commerce apparently violates a Beaumont municipal ordinance, which bans soliciting business while on or alongside a roadway . . .

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Incendiary Image Of The Day: Greasing The Treads Of Our Tanks

Image courtesy Congressman Steve Stockman

This image comes to us from the Facebook page of Congressman Steve Stockman, Republican of Texas, where the tenor of the ensuing debate makes our own dear mikeb2000 look positively collegial by comparison. Laughs aside, using salt water as a lubricant is strongly not recommended. Regardless of its source.

Not even for an AK.

TX Homeowner Shoots, Kills Burglar During Christmas Eve Break-In

Image: Dallas County Jail

When Gareth Long heard a window break at his Cedar Hill, Texas home on Christmas Eve night, he had no way of knowing whether he would meet a poorly-dressed Santa Claus, a strangely pale Grinch or a latter-day Charles Manson. So he secured his family and armed himself to investigate. Robber Joshua Slaven (above) may have been desperate, mentally ill or under the influence of drugs when he broke into the Long family home, but he still still had plenty of warnings that he was likely to encounter an armed and uncooperative homeowner. This was Texas, after all . . .

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Personal Defense Tip: Watch Out for the Midnight Munchies

You’re looking into the eyes–well, almost into the eyes–of a man who really likes tacos. Not in a ‘Get Late At The Bell’ kind of way, or even in a ‘Chuy’s Is The Best Fast Food In The World!’ kind of way. Instead, 28 year-old Adam Kramer allegedly likes tacos (free tacos, anyway) so much that he was apparently willing to go to prison and make a complete fool of himself for a plate full of them. He threatened an waitress with his sword, but she still completely pwned him and he never got his tacos. And now he’s going to prison. But it still should have been a DGU, because that would have prevented the other armed robbery that he attempted just a few minutes later. Happily, nobody got hurt.

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Penn & Teller: Gun Control is Bullsh*t!

First off, Penn & Teller’s Showtime program is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK. (Not even the name of the show is something you can run in a family newspaper.) Here they tackle the (il)logic and (lack of) reason in the “gun control” movement, in their patently-irreverent style. We’ve linked Parts II and III of the show after the jump.  continue reading

Don’t Bring a Gun to a Car Fight.


Or something like that. Now most people, if robbed at gunpoint might call 911 and be done with it. Let John Law take it from there. But if you want to ask the question, “what do you get when you cross a retired Marine from Texas with a pistol-wielding punk?” you get this story from the Houston Chronicle, via TheBlaze.com . . .

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Texas School Carry: “I have a cunning plan…”

You’d think (if you go by perception rather than reality) that Texas would have the most unrestrictive gun laws in the nation. And you’d be wrong. But there are those who keep trying to fix this, one bill at a time. Witness the tireless efforts of one Texas State Senator Jeff Wentworth (R – San Antonio) who authored a bill to allow those who hold a Concealed Handgun License to carry on Texas college campuses. The bill, which was unable to muster enough votes to get reported out of committee, looked as if it was D.O.A. But that was apparently just what (almost) everyone thought. The rest of the story offers the intrigue of the Borgias, the Machieavelian machinations of De Medicis, and the comic stylings of S. Baldrick from BBC TV’s Blackadder. continue reading