First off, Penn & Teller’s Showtime program is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK. (Not even the name of the show is something you can run in a family newspaper.) Here they tackle the (il)logic and (lack of) reason in the “gun control” movement, in their patently-irreverent style. We’ve linked Parts II and III of the show after the jump.  (more…)

Don’t Bring a Gun to a Car Fight.


Or something like that. Now most people, if robbed at gunpoint might call 911 and be done with it. Let John Law take it from there. But if you want to ask the question, “what do you get when you cross a retired Marine from Texas with a pistol-wielding punk?” you get this story from the Houston Chronicle, via . . .


There’s a reason Texas keeps growing. It’s not just the Lone Star State, but it’s becoming the home for Common Sense.