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American Gun Rights: Power to the People

The Second Amendment was NOT written to enshrine every American with the right to own a gun for hunting, sport or self-defense from violent crime. These un-enumerated rights are merely incidental benefits of what the framers of the constitution originally meant. Pure and simple, the Second Amendment was intended for one thing and one thing only: power. The framers wanted citizens to have the literal firepower to rein-in their politicians and unelected bureaucrats. Our founding fathers were revolutionaries. Extremists. Radicals. Insurgents. Guerrillas . . .

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What…Me Vote?

Okay TTAGers. November 2nd is fast upon us. For those of you busy reading our site (and thank you for that, by the way) and not paying attention to politics and current events, November 2nd is Election Day around the Nation. If you haven’t voted already, I’m here to nag you into doing your civic duty and do it. But it’s not enough just to vote. It’s who you vote for that will make a huge difference, more so this year than any other. Let me explain…

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Rick Santorum Flirts with Armed Insurrection Rhetoric

America’s political left has been getting plenty of mileage out right wing chatter about opposing not-to-say-overthrowing an over-reaching not-to-say Socialist federal government. The administration’s defenders linked the protest movement with the Republican and the armed militia (a.k.a. domestic terrorists). While it’s mostly a bunch of hooey, I’ve begun to see Republicans clinging to their jobs and their rhetoric through the prism of of liberal paranoia. If you can set aside the nauseating fact that the tit-sucking, earmark loving politicians now sounding the alarm are as culpable as the Obama administration for the Uncle Sam problem, ARE Republicans laying on the anti-government thing a bit thick? Check this from the Pittsburgh post-gazzette.com re: Senator Rick Santorum’s exhortations at a Tea Party shindig. “”Now it’s a different kind of war. Instead of the Japanese dropping a bomb on Pearl Harbor, Barack Obama has assaulted the soul of America,” he said. “And it’s our watch.” As a sign that he knows he’s stepping over the line, the Senator backpedals furiously . . .

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Was the Pentagon Shooter a Right Wing Loon?

Here’s a no-brainer for you: Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell was anti-government. We know this because A) he attacked the government B) he left rambling writings on the Internet stating his hatred for the government (hence the attack) and C) he didn’t shoot-up a coffee bar (despite the help that would have provided anti-open carry lobbyists). Here’s another incontrovertible fact: Bedell was not well. Put all of these together and you have an obvious connection between Bedell and the Tea Party movement and the Republican party. Apparently so. “Under increased scrutiny for the rampant anti-government rhetoric of the Tea Party movement, along with its often violent imagery and open talk of insurrection, right-wingers seemed anxious, even frantic, to hold up the Pentagon killer as proof that they weren’t responsible for — or connected with — every political act of vigilante violence that makes headlines these days,” Media Matters‘ Eric Boelert writes (and links with gay abandon). “But as more details emerge about the incident, the far-right bloggers may wish they hadn’t shone a spotlight on the disturbing Pentagon story. If anything, as we learn more about the anti-government rantings and writings of Bedell, this madman attack looks an awful lot like a string of other “lone wolf” attacks, such as the recent kamikaze pilot who flew his plane into an IRS office in Austin.” In other words, American citizens can’t be anti-government without encouraging, indeed, advocating and practicing violence. IGW.

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That Didn’t Take Long: Tea Party “Debate” Focuses on Guns

Counterpunch columnist Christopher Ketchum confounds critics with an anti-Tea Party polemic that attempts to wrest Second Amendment rights from the protest group’s agenda—while continuing the media meme that they’re all trigger-happy madmen (and women). It is a short but truly a remarkable piece of writing. “One of the reasons that I own pistols and shotguns and an assault rifle with a banana clip – other than the fact that guns are noisy and violent and fun to shoot, and banana clips look pretty good in the mirror – is to make sure that desperate and deranged people such as those in the Tea Party movement are not the only ones who are armed. Such people tend to do dumb things with their guns – like shoot at cops. Or family members. In its ignorance and hysteria and its almost unbelievable hypocrisy, however, the Tea Party movement will likely only harm its own adherents, by wasting their time as laughingstocks.” IGW. Ketchum uses the “n” word, as well. “How could a nigger Democrat be running our tyranny? Wake up, people! And that, in a nutshell, is the genesis of the Tea Party movement.” So the big government protesters are racist trigger-happy madmen (and women). That’s some heavy shit Chris, but I gotta say: we saw it coming.