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New From Taurus: Wings, Convertible Hammers, Metal, and Curves.


New for 2015 and in stark contrast to some other companies, Taurus gives you wings. Well, they’ve given the TCP wings. For those with diminished finger, grip, or arm strength and/or limited dexterity, it can be quite difficult to rack and manipulate the slide on a semi-automatic pistol. Folding wings on the TCP allow for an AR-15 charging handle-like grasp or for pushing against a solid object (or your belt, pocket, etc) to very easily and confidently rack the slide. The Model 85 revolver now has a convertible hammer. And the View has 100% less View. Photos and details follow. . .

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Taurus’ New Snubnose “View” Is 100% Whoopi Free!

Image courtesy Taurus USA

Taurus‘ newest iteration of the almost-classic Model 85 isn’t what it looks like. Instead of a non-firing cutaway dealer sample, the View is a fully-functional Model 85 with a concealed hammer, round butt, and a transparent Lexan side panel. Taurus is marketing it as a serious CCW firearm, although the optional pink frame version may suffer from a deficit of street cred . . .

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Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

Gun Review: Taurus PT-92 AF

Courtesy Chris Dumm for The Truth About Guns

The Taurus PT-92 AF is the railed, fixed-sight version of the Brazilian gunmaker’s longest-running bestseller. This big service pistol is the spitting image of the Beretta Model 92FS (with a few improvements) and sells for $100 to $150 less than the glamorous Italian’s price tag. Cheap is good, but only when it’s actually ‘good.’ To find out how good the PT-92 AF is, we tested it alongside the benchmark Beretta whose decades of military and police service set the bar very high for quality and reliability. The results may surprise you . . .Read More

Taurus Right Side

Gun Review: Taurus 24/7 G2 .45 ACP

Say what you will about Brazilian gunmaker Taurus, but don’t accuse them of laziness. Instead of flogging the same tired product line for decades or blindly copying other makers’ designs, Taurus has never been afraid to try something new. If it’s a hit like the Judge, they run with it. If it’s a miss, they design something to replace it and they move on. At the consumer end, we seem to read about a new Taurus handgun product about every other week . . .

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LaserLyte Introduces Side Mount Laser for Taurus Revolvers

Press release:

LaserLyte is thrilled to announce the Side Mount Laser (SML) that fits nearly all Taurus revolvers including the Judge, CIA, Protector and Raging Bull series. The new and inventive SML is easily mounted underneath the rubber grip of the revolver and is the only laser system available that allows the customer to use factory or custom grips and holster the firearm. This is especially exciting for Judge owners because the SML allows the user to utilize a laser, retain the factory Ribber Grips® that reduce felt recoil and holster the firearm.

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Taurus Introduces Judge Public Defender Ultra-Lite

Let’s try it this way: I’ll re-publish the press release verbatim, with my comments below.

For 2010 Taurus took the Judge Public Defender and made it even lighter with an incredible Ultra-Lite® aluminum frame. This new Public Defender weighs a mere 20.7 ounces, yet still delivers the same devastating firepower that makes its brothers famous. Nothing could be better for a nightstand gun or as a lightweight pack gun on trips through the backcountry.

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Coming Soon: Is a Shotgun Your Best Bedroom Defense Weapon?

RF and I got to talking the other day about defending your castle in the middle of the night. Assume that you’re sound asleep and you hear a noise. You’re in bed. NOW what do you do? Let’s also asume you’re armed. What do you have next to the bed? Shotgun? Handgun? Baseball bat? All of the above? (That would be me, actually.) We’ve been talking to the helpful, friendly folks at Taurus, makers of the “Judge” line of revolvers that shoot both .45 Colt ammo and the oft-overlooked .410 shot shells. Our Taurus rep opined that the best shotgun for home defense is a Taurus Judge – because it’s both a handgun and a shotgun. This got me to thinking. What would happen if you had to defend your home, starting from a sound sleep? Could you effectively rack a shotgun and bring it to bear? What about semi-auto or revolver? What about stopping power? And then there’s that aiming thing. What if I miss? Would shooting double-aught buck help?

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BangBang Cinema: Smokin Aces 2 – Assassin’s Ball

When you make a (meager) living watching movies and then writing about them, you see a lot, a lot, a lot of movies. Many of them are crap. Many of those crappy films get crappy sequels. Whether it’s just part of the job or a facet of my masochism, I greedily eat up all the sequels, even to movies I didn’t like. Case in point, Smokin Aces 2, the sequel to the obviously named Smokin Aces, a film which I thought was a jumbled mess of action and, ultimately, a failure on the entertaining front. What I learned from the sequel, and many terrible sequels before it, is that entering the experience with low expectations is a godsend. So, as you may have gleaned, Smokin Aces 2 isn’t good. But how bad is it, really?

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