Gear Review (And Update): Grizzly Targets ‘Trifecta’ AR500 Steel Gallery Target

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Grizzly Targets has encouraged me to be absolutely merciless to their line of laser-cut AR500 steel targets, and my secret inner vandal has been only too happy to oblige. Their…

Gear Review: Grizzly Targets IPSC Torso Reactive Target

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  Shooting steel is awesome, and Grizzly Targets’ robust IPSC Torso reactive target is possibly the best defensive training aid I’ve ever tested. It’s a snap to set up, it…

Gear Review: Grizzly Targets Reactive Auto-Reset 220 Steel Target

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  When I go shooting, I hate having to waste precious range time doing things other than shooting. Setting up and checking my targets are some of those range-day time…