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Gear Review (And Update): Grizzly Targets ‘Trifecta’ AR500 Steel Gallery Target

Image: Chris Dumm

Grizzly Targets has encouraged me to be absolutely merciless to their line of laser-cut AR500 steel targets, and my secret inner vandal has been only too happy to oblige. Their newest product, the Trifecta triple gallery target, has proven to be just as indestructible as their other offerings. And much more challenging. Unless you’re shooting steel-core ammo or hypervelocity jacketed slugs, you’ll have an absolute blast connecting with not one but three reactive steel targets mounted to one easily-portable base.

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Gear Review: Grizzly Targets Reactive Auto-Reset 220 Steel Target


When I go shooting, I hate having to waste precious range time doing things other than shooting. Setting up and checking my targets are some of those range-day time sucks that A) aren’t fun, and B) don’t increase my proficiency one iota. Grizzly Targets invited us to test this beefy 3/8″ self-resetting target made of AR500 steel. As soon as we started shooting at it, I realized that a target like this has the potential to completely transform the way I spend my range time. Durability is everything in a steel target, so we didn’t pull any punches. We tested this thing much harder than any safety guidelines — or common sense — would dictate . . .

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