Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: The Funhouse Mirror World of the New York Times

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“(T)he NRA, in its own words, ‘doesn’t oppose the development of ‘smart’ guns, nor does it oppose the ability of Americans to voluntarily acquire them.’ Only in a New York Times editorial could you construe an…

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day – Building a Legacy

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“Any firearm that won’t fire when it’s needed just isn’t ‘smart.’ And any ‘security’ system that defaults to turning itself off during a problem just isn’t secure. A lot of busy…

Ron Conway’s New ‘Smart Gun’ Still Has One Very Big Problem

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We noted Ron Conway’s desire to find the “Mark Zuckerberg of guns” a couple of years ago. His Smart Tech Challenges Foundation had just given young Kai Kloepfer a hefty…