Armatix IP1 “Smart Gun” Hacked with $15 Worth of Magnets

Since its introduction, the Armatix IP1 “smart gun” has gotten oceans of free publicity from hopeful media mavens and gun control advocates, proclaiming the era of personalized firearms is finally upon us. Armatix’s advent has been the cause of much consternation from the gun control crowd, baffled as to why “smart guns” aren’t yet available […]

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: The Funhouse Mirror World of the New York Times

“(T)he NRA, in its own words, ‘doesn’t oppose the development of ‘smart’ guns, nor does it oppose the ability of Americans to voluntarily acquire them.’ Only in a New York Times editorial could you construe an explicit statement from the National Rifle Association to mean the exact opposite of what it means.” – Daniel Payne in Sorry, New York Times, But […]

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day – Building a Legacy

“Any firearm that won’t fire when it’s needed just isn’t ‘smart.’ And any ‘security’ system that defaults to turning itself off during a problem just isn’t secure. A lot of busy people with important duties thus spent their valuable time (to say nothing of taxpayer resources) running around in circles, so President Obama could pretend he […]