I Generated a Barcoded Form 4 for A Silencer: Here’s What Happened

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The folks at Dead Air Armament, Gemtech and Silencer Shop have gotten together with ATF to create a Form 4 generator. The process automates some of the data entry involved with…

Gear Review: TTAG’s Rimfire Suppressor Round-Up

Silencer Shop added me to their SOT, which means I can now borrow suppressors from their extensive inventory. In a couple of weeks I’ll be a Texan, and close enough to…

NWSSE: GEMTECH Integra Uppers

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Somehow we managed to miss GEMTECH‘s new Integra integrally-suppressed AR uppers at the NRA Annual Meetings this year, but my pal “CASES4CASES” found them at the Northwest Shooting Sports Expo….