Gun Review: SIG Sauer P365 Micro-Compact 9mm Pistol

Most everyone has pretty much the same list of wants in a concealed carry gun. People want a small and light gun, with a good trigger, good sights and a decent capacity. If it shoots well and comfortably on top of all that, well, that’s just a bonus. It’s akin to wanting your delicious gourmet […]

New From SIG SAUER: P365 Micro-Compact Pistol [VIDEO]

SIG reckons their new P365 is the “ultimate” everyday carry gun — 365 days of the year! (Press release and video below.) The brand’s marketing mavens call the striker-fired 9mm pocket pistol a “High-Capacity Micro-Compact.” We’re talking 10+1 rounds, “nearly a 50 percent capacity increase over pistols in its class.” I’m more impressed with the […]