Self Defense as a Motorist in a Riotous Attack

Those of us who have been around a while have the graphic 1992 attack of Reginald Denny burned into our psyche. In recent days, we’ve been treated to footage from Charlotte, North Carolina, scenes of violent troublemakers blockading traffic, then looting tractor-trailers and attacking motorists based upon the skin color of their drivers. What happens […]

Gun Review: NAA Mini Revolver

In the world of production firearms, there aren’t many smaller than the offerings from North American Arms. Its Guardian series is about as petite as semi-automatic pistols come, and I believe its Mini-Revolvers may be the smallest production revolvers in the world. There really aren’t many clothing choices — at least ones you can legally […]

Self-Defense Tip: Inoculate Yourself to Physical Stress

Several weeks ago my younger brother was a victim of a strong-arm robbery. Two assailants attacked him from behind, immobilized him, ransacked his pockets and stole his wallet and phone. Afterwards, he couldn’t recall how he’d ended up on the ground. You could say that the attack’s success highlights a failure of situational awareness. And […]

Self Defense Tip: STFU

[HTML1] This much we know: Jerome Ersland, an Oklahoma City pharmacist, kept at least two guns within easy reach. On May 19, 2009, Antwun “Speedy” Parker (16) and his gun-wielding pal came into the pharmacy attempting to rob the place, Ersland shot Parker in the head from behind the counter. At the time, Parker was trying to put […]