An Open Letter to the Anti-Gun Left

Reader Guy LoPresti writes: Dear Gun Control advocates, progressives, and anyone left of center, Congratulations on the March For Our Lives and your efforts to reduce gun violence. It looked like a big success. Only one problemL it showed you for the would-be totalitarians that you are. You used young, uninformed children to push your agenda […]

Why We’re Losing The War on Guns

Face it: the squeaky wheels of gun control –the whining teens, their socialist instructors, their mainstream media cheerleaders and their deep-pocketed enablers — are getting all the grease. That’s how post-Parkland hysteria led to the degradation of gun rights in Florida and elsewhere: they drowned out gun rights supporters’ silent majority . . . Yes, […]

NY Democrat Congressman: Take Up Arms to Fight Trump!

It’s always seemed strange that many of the same people who claim that President Trump is a dangerous proto-authoritarian, a fascist, even a closeted Nazi are among the strongest supporters for stricter gun control laws. You might think if you’re worried about being rounded up and put in concentration camps, you’d welcome the opportunity to keep […]

IMI Systems Quote of the Day – Be Careful When You Wish For a Marxist Revolution in America – Enter to Win 1000 Rounds of IMI 9mm Ammo

“Gary, for decades you taught about the need for a Marxist revolution in America. But you lacked the courage to translate your political ideas into reality. Now, in your declining years, you are calling upon young people to incite the kind of violence needed to impose your worldview on those you have failed to persuade. I […]