SCOTUS To Review Parts Of 1996 Domestic Violence Gun Ban

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The Omnibus Appropriations Bill of 1997 (actually passed in 1996, back when Congress was in the business of passing budgets) contained the much-despised Lautenberg Amendment. This rider made it a…

Ask A Lawyer: What Does the Woollard v. Sheridan Decision Mean To Other States?

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  An intrepid gun owner from the Garden State asks: Can you explain how rulings, such as Woollard v. Sheridan, impact other states? Lets say for arguments sake that the…

Medical Marijuana CCW Update: SCOTUS Declines Cert

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  Back in April of 2011, we reported on the donnybrook between some Oregon sheriffs and the Beaver State’s pistol-packing medical marijuana users.  The sheriffs initially refused to issue CCW…