Ruger SR40 Returns with Galloway Precision Trigger

To cure the Ruger SR40’s abominable trigger, TTAG’s gun doctor prescribed some surgery from Ruger specialists Galloway Precision. I’ll be giving his bag o’ tricks a full review in a subsequent post. (RI has a seven-day cooling off period that includes transfers). Suffice it to say, the bitch bit me! Again! [see: above] On the […]

TTAG Gun Doctor Examines the Ruger SR9-Series Pistols

TTAG’s Gun Doctor writes: The SR-Series design is sound. The handgun has good clearances and ergonomics. I’ve seen the SR9 run a 400-round competition in 95+ degree weather in the sandy world of a state champship USPSA match. The conditions were so nasty that the gun was spitting grit out the sides of slide and […]

Gun Review: Ruger SR40

When Porsche unveiled the Boxster, the mid-engined sports car was an automotive revelation. Unfortunately, the Boxster’s 2.7-liter powerplant was pathetic. Porsche had good solid marketing reasons for creating a gutless wonder, but it was the wrong choice. By the time the Sultans of Stuttgart blessed the Boxster with a proper engine, it was too late. […]

TTAG Sending SR40 Back to Ruger

The Ruger SR40 is an extremely accurate gun. The .40-caliber pistol’s recoil is, as advertised, as soft as a nine. We fed it 400 rounds without a problem. The trigger, however, is diabolical. It’s squidgy, gritty and unpredictable. And that’s odd. Because the SR40 trigger I sampled down at D&L felt exactly the same as the […]

UPDATE: Remington UMC vs. Ruger SR9c – Are We There Yet?

I’ve just returned from the American Firearms School, where I fed our test and evaluation Ruger SR9c something other than 115-grain Remington UMC bullets. In specific, I shot ten rounds-plus from each of the five boxes above: Vollmantel, Independence (a soft-shooting budget brand that produces some big-ass muzzle flash), TulAmmo, American Eagle and Winchester White Box. […]

Is .380 the New 9mm? Ask My BODYGUARD

Smith & Wesson have begun shipping their new BODYGUARD 380 semi-automatic pistol and BODYGUARD 38 revolvers to gun dealers around the country. Both weapons come complete with Insight Technology laser sights. A laser for a double action snub-nosed revolver? That’s a topic for another day. Today we focus like a you-know-what on the BODYGUARD 380’s standard-issue […]

Gun Review: Ruger 10/22 Carbine

So if you’re in the market for a gun for your kid, and just can’t bring yourself to spring for the Hello Kitty AR-15 (you knew I’d get a reference in for that one sooner or later), want a reliable varmint gun, or just want to go plink at the range without putting a dent into your wallet, the Ruger 10/22 is a great place to start your search. You’ll never confuse it with the guns that won the West or some macho black gun, but The Little Carbine That Could has the goods to Git ‘er Done.

Alexis Evidente [Not Shown]: Buy Ruger Guns, Not Stock

Although RGR’s revenue growth may have grown nicely over the last two years, its stock price maxed-out on July 27, 2007. Obama triggered a sales surge immediately prior to his election in November 2008. As has been widely reported, rifles–both traditional and “assault” accounted for most of the growth area Ruger rode the wave. According to Ruger’s 2009 10-k SEC filing, rifles racked up some $102.2 million, $69.4 million, and $64.9 million worth of sales in 2009, 2008 and 2007 respectively. And no wonder. Ruger makes some lovely “tactical” weapons: the M77 Hawkeye and the Mini-14 spring to mind.

Ruger CEO Calls for Trade War

“I’m calling for a tit-for-tat policy. If the number one and number two handguns in America [Austria’s Glock and Croatia’s XD] are from European countries that totally prohibit U.S.-made handguns, then we should reciprocate. We will have a perfect mirror. We’ll follow whatever they do. If their regulations loosen, ours will loosen. If theirs become […]