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Gun Review: Ruger SR45

Ruger SR45 semi-automatic handgun (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Whenever I hear the letter combination “SR” I think of the SR-71 Blackbird, the sexiest object ever created by hand of man. While the Ruger SR45 doesn’t quite achieve the legendary spy plane’s height of horniness, it is, nonetheless, a deeply desirable ballistic battler. It’s the kind of gun that reminds a Glock guy why he’s like a happily married man; constantly reminding his high school buddies that looks aren’t everything. True dat. At the end of the day (or the muzzle) a gun’s got to git ‘er done. Does the Ruger SR45’s performance and utility match its suave demeanor? Yes and no. But first a little more about the Ruger SR45’s siren song . . .

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