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9mm Subcompact Pistol Roundup – Because You Asked for It

Have you reviewed the Sig Sauer P938 yet? I would like to own a small lightweight 9mm, however I’m having a challenge finding one with great reviews.


Thanks for your question, Sam. We saw and handled the SIG/Sauer P938 last January at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas but we haven’t had a chance to shoot or review one yet. We’ve reviewed (or owned) almost every other SIG/Sauer model ever made, but a factory P938 hasn’t found its way to our FFL guys yet. However . . .

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The Evolution of the Mouse Gun


The more I learn about guns, the more I realize I have to learn. Case in point: mouse guns. I come to the party from the (initial) point of view of a large caliber fanboy. Give me .45 ACP or give me (the likelihood of) death was my frame-of-reference. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still convinced that .45ACP is a superior caliber for my needs, but I’m coming around to the idea that there’s room in my arsenal for other calibers, and by extension, other guns outside the family of 1911s. Hence my growing interest in the lowly mouse gun.

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SHOT Show: Is the SIG SAUER P290 a “Real” SIG?

The new P290 serving wall duty at the SIG SAUER SHOT Show booth sure looks like a SIG. But it doesn’t feel like one. For fans of the brand, the P290′s slimness is startling. As is the sheer diddiness of the 20.5 ounce gun (three ounces heavier than the new Ruger LC9). As for the mouse gun’s nine-pound double-action-only trigger pull (video after the jump), let’s just say that the P290 tethered to the wall is a prototype. I hope. With Ruger’s LCP and now maybe LC9 tearing-up the charts, you can understand why SIG’s chasing sales within the increasingly crowded RSG (Really Small Gun) genre. But SIG’s got a big or should I say small problem: the P238.

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