Gun Review: Rossi Model 92 Lever-Action Carbine

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What’s a lever-loving rifleman to do if he’s got a hankering for a pistol-caliber carbine? Marlins are garbage these days, and the rest of the lot (Henrys, Winchesters, Ubertis, Pedersolis…

Just Arrived From My FFL: 16″ Rossi Model 92 .45 Colt

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Rossi just sent me this 16″ barreled, 8-shot Model 92 in one of my favorite calibers, theĀ ancient .45 Long Colt. This tiny carbine is just 33″ long and weighs under…

SHOT Show advice to manufacturers: bring your ‘A’ game.

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When you’re putting your wares on display for tens of thousands of purchasers, journalists, and enthusiasts, you shouldn’t need an MBA to tell you you really need to bring your…