A Foggy Day in (Jeremy) London Town.

In other words, are you buying any of this? That kidnappers abducted actor Jeremy London after helping him change a tire in Palm Springs, California and forced him to do drugs. And now we learn—if that’s the right word—that his wife was in the car with him during the kidnapping. Well, part of it. “The […]

Gun Review: Charter Arms Undercover .38 Revolver

Are you a gourmet gun owner? One of those enthusiasts who gets off on the satisfying snick of a cylinder slotting into the frame? A firearms fanatic who contemplates a trigger pull like a foodie savoring a radicchio and mozzarella pasta casserole? If so, the Charter Arms Undercover is not for you. The snubbie will leave your […]

Chapter Two: How to Defend Your Home With A Shotgun: Don’t Over-Estimate Your Own Abilities

“Spray and pray.” That’s how accomplished shotgun owners describe the home defense strategy deployed by “casual” shotgunners. It’s the gun-active gun owner’s way of sneering at people who buy a shotgun, load it, stash it under their bed and call it good. These self-anointed combat experts are highlighting the fact that most shotgun owners are […]

Gun Review: ArmaLite AR 24-15C

Back in the day, stoners contemplated life’s mysteries from a tetrahydrocannabinol-enhanced perspective. So enabled, they’d confront cosmic karma with a simple statement: “that’s heavy.” Heavy was deep. Heavy was good. Even when it wasn’t. “Dude, your landlord’s here to throw you out.” “Whoa. That’s heavy.” Heavy was important. And then Japanese products invaded the America. […]

A Pain in the Bass Pro Shops

A gathering of the clans today, northbound and down for Bass Pro Shops. This monument to retail-tainment lingers in the shadow of the Patriot’s palace (football, not Congress). I made the pilgrimage to watch my youngest fall into their pond and drop $3k-plus on a Browning gun safe. Not so fast, Mr. Bond. The salesman […]

TTAG Goes West

As part of this website’s ongoing evolution, I’m heading out to Colorado to investigate the possibilities of relocating TTAG to The Centennial State. More specifically, that bastion of liberal thought, Boulder; where I’m looking to build a TTAG members-only gun range. A video and web-enabled facility for research, analysis and reportage on various issues surrounding […]

Pete Eliadis: “It’s Not Time to Arm Students and Teachers”

Pete Eliadis is officer.com‘s Mass Violence Incidents Contributor. Imagine handing that business card to your daughter’s prospective private school headmaster. Still, someone’s got to tackle the issues raised by spree killings and other large-scale horrors, and Eliadis does it better than anyone. His columns offer a practical, no-nonsense take on terror, encouraging readers to think […]