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New from SAR Arms: SR-38 Revolver

2012 wasn’t exactly the Year Of The Revolver at this year’s Media Day At The Range, but we got our hands on a few wheelguns. Here’s RF busting a few caps with the Turkish-made SR-38 revolver. Despite its name, it’s chambered for .357 Magnum. And quite the pussycat it was too. Now that we’ve opened the Jamesons, there’s talk of .38s slipped into a .357 box, low-power .357s, etc. That’s just mean. The wheelgun comes in blued steel, available with a 2.5″, 4″ and 6″ barrel. Our range-day sample was blessed with a smooth trigger pull in single and double-action, although the sights seemed to be a bit out of adjustment. No prices have announced, but if it’s like any of the other Turkish delights served-up at the range, it will be a steal—as long as you don’t want to pay for pedigree.

Marlin Lever Rail Long

Gear Review: XS Rifle Sights


Sorry to hear about your Marlin 1894C breaking in half at the range last week.  I’ve been looking forward to comparing my retro classic lever hunting rifle to your Urban Cowboy Assault Rifle, something John Wayne might have carried in the classic movie “Tom Clancy’s: The Searchers.” Looks like my project is coming along a little better than yours, so far . . .

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TTAG Blogs the NRA Confab

Yes, the annual love fest that is the NRA’s meet n’ greet for the firearms faithful is coming up again this April, this time in Beautiful, Downtown Pittsburgh. (!) And TTAG will be there, in force to cover the event.

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Massad Ayoob LiveChat Coming Thursday, Feb. 24

Good News, campers! The Massad Ayoob LiveBlog has been rescheduled, for Thursday, February 24th. Massad will be joining RF and me from his temporary HQ in the Windy City to field your questions, and fill you in on the straight skinny, direct from the man himself. So get your questions ready. Mark your calendars. And be here, online and ready to go on the 24th!


Ask Not For Whom the Bell Trolls…

…it trolls, in this case for legendary InterWebz antagonist JadeGold, who’s posted his last screed in the comments sections of TTAG as of today. The Truth About Guns was founded (as our founder RF so succinctly put it) to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun (yes fun) of guns. It was not created so a troll could hijack the discourse and spew fallacies, lies, vitrol, and a little hate thrown in for good measure.

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Obscure Object of Desire: Heat-Seeking NERF Vulcan

The genesis of inventor Rick Prescott’s infrared seeking Sentinel (a.k.a. “Dilbert’s Revenge”) from the man himself, via makezine.com:

An idea sparked in my mind one day while walking the toy gun isle in a store with my kid and later that evening learning of the workings of a thermopile array while surfing the internet. The result is this infrared seeking sentinel which joins a realistically priced infrared sensor to a realistically operatable Nerf® machine gun to create a slightly less deadly yet still highly deterring automated machine. Personally I have grand plans to deploy the infrared seeking sentinel facing the entrance of my work cubical in order to speed interaction with less desirable visitors.


Gun Review: Springfield XD-M 3.8 9mm

My mother has a “shit list.” You do NOT want to be on my mother’s shit list. She can make Devil’s Island seem like the Ritz Carlton. And once you’re on my mother’s shit list, you’re on it. It doesn’t matter if you suck up to her like a remora fish on a shark. There’s no coming back. I take the same approach to guns. If a firearm fails, I will never trust the gun again. It’s dead to me. Now clock the video above and imagine how I felt when the slide of my new carry gun, the Springfield XD-M, failed to lock back. The Apollo 13 astronauts were the last people to experience the same sort of sinking feeling about a mechanical malfunction. And yet . . .

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TTAG Welcomes Washington Times Readers

The Washington Times has just published my editorial Racist pols go straight back to disarming blacks. The piece excoriates the Supreme Court for failing to fully restore African Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms. It rips Chicago Mayor Richard Daley a new one for his inherently racist gun control legislation: restrictive laws that place discriminatory barriers to handgun ownership for the City’s poorest and most vulnerable residents.  And it links across here, to The Truth About Guns. For those of you checking us out for the first time, welcome. If you like guns, if you hate guns, you’ve come to the right place.

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A Foggy Day in (Jeremy) London Town.

In other words, are you buying any of this? That kidnappers abducted actor Jeremy London after helping him change a tire in Palm Springs, California and forced him to do drugs. And now we learn—if that’s the right word—that his wife was in the car with him during the kidnapping. Well, part of it. “The story Melissa and Jeremy told police is that they had gone out to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box and come out to find a flat tire,” the Huffington Post reports. “Two men helped them change it, and Jeremy offered to give them a ride home. For some reason Melissa felt uncomfortable in the car, and the men allowed Jeremy to drop her at home before taking him on a ride of terror, forcing him to do drugs at gun point. Jeremy claims that the kidnappers told him, ‘Hit this! Hit this or I’m gonna kill you!’ while holding a gun to his head and forcing him to smoke some sort of drug.” London’s wife has some words for those of us who see this story as unmitigated BS . . .

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Gun Review: Charter Arms Undercover .38 Revolver

Are you a gourmet gun owner? One of those enthusiasts who gets off on the satisfying snick of a cylinder slotting into the frame? A firearms fanatic who contemplates a trigger pull like a foodie savoring a radicchio and mozzarella pasta casserole? If so, the Charter Arms Undercover is not for you. The snubbie will leave your metaphorical tummy rumbling. If, however, you couldn’t give a damn about anything other than utility (i.e. shooting someone), the Charter Arms Undercover is a gun whose owners come hungry for self-defense, and leave satisfied that their attacker ate lead. Whatever else you can—or cannot—say about this mid-priced revolver, it’s one accurate gun of a son.

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Gun Review: Calico Light Weapon Systems Liberty I (M-900)

Guns are sexy. For one thing, there’s nothing more phallic than a gun. Except for the obvious. That said, the human penis tends to lack the perfect symmetry of a gun. And any man who can maintain the hardness of a gun barrel for more than four hours should seek immediate assistance from a physician. Still, guys, it’s OK to fancy guns. Indulging the love that dare not speak its name doesn’t men you have a repressed desire to listen to Broadway show tunes. And feeling a constant urge to fire a gun? Normal! A gun held and shot with Zen-like focus transforms even the worst nebbish into a Sean Connery clone. Yes, but, a lot of that cool comes from the gun itself. There are drop-dead sexy guns and there are guns that could make a train take a dirt road. The Calico Liberty I falls into the latter camp (so to speak). In fact, the Liberty I is so ugly I fully expected bemused onlookers to turn to stone. Like Medusa’s admirers, not Peter North. Sorry. Where was I?

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Chapter Two: How to Defend Your Home With A Shotgun: Don’t Over-Estimate Your Own Abilities

“Spray and pray.” That’s how accomplished shotgun owners describe the home defense strategy deployed by “casual” shotgunners. It’s the gun-active gun owner’s way of sneering at people who buy a shotgun, load it, stash it under their bed and call it good. These self-anointed combat experts are highlighting the fact that most shotgun owners are unaware that their firearm is NOT a point-and-shoot weapon. At an effective distance (i.e. ten yards or so), a shotgun unleashes a tightly gathered grouping of pellets. With appropriate ammunition, a single shotgun blast will kill your target dead. Provided you hit them. Which requires that you aim the weapon accurately. In other words, yes, you can miss with a shotgun. Hence the shotguinista’s diss, laughing at the less-accomplished shotgunner’s need for luck and/or divine intervention. Only one problem: even the best shotgun owner can lose a gun battle and, thus, their life. They know enough not to spray but they need to pray, too.

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