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Coming Soon: Rimfire Nation?


Image courtesty Joe Grine for The Truth About Guns

Tyler and I were recently kvetching on Google Chat about the new price of magazines (bad) and the sudden unavailability of ammo (even worse.) The coolest AR race gun I’ve ever seen is currently sitting in my gun safe doing absolutely nothing, and Tyler may have to back out from a tactical shooting clinic, all because 5.56mm ammo is simply not available in the quantities we need . . .

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Question Of The Day: .22 Upper or Drop-In Kit?

We all love to shoot our ARs, AKs, SCARs and other modern sporting rifles ™, but the price of ammo makes it impossible to spend an afternoon burning powder without burning a hefty wad of cash in the process. Even if you don’t mind using the cheap (steel-cased) stuff, you have to plan for spending almost $75 to burn through ten 30-round magazines.

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