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Marlin Model 39

Classic Gun Review: Marlin Model 39

The Marlin Model 39 claims to be the oldest continually-produced cartridge rifle in history.  Its parent design was born during the unexceptional presidency of Benjamin Harrison, whose bust never even made it onto the Mount Rushmore Commemorative Paperweight.  Unlike that former Commander-In-Chief, this 19th Century Fox was blessed with what sales and marketing types like to call ‘legs.’  Legs so long, in fact, that it’s still a perennial favorite here in the 21st Century.

Does it deserve it?  You bet it does…

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Henry Big Boy Full

Gun Review: Henry Big Boy .44 Magnum

For students of the history and romance of so-called cowboy rifles, Bayonne, New Jersey isn’t a particularly evocative locale. Ilion, New York (Remington). New Haven, Connecticut (Marlin). Those are the places where West-winning long guns were born. Even though the virtues of the long guns made in those storied factories have withstood the test of time, times have changed. I reckon we can add the Hudson County hang to the roll call. For that’s where Henry Repeating Arms Co. makes its lever action rifles, including the .357, .44 and .45 Big Boy . . .

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Broken Bolt 2

Major Malfunction Du Jour: ATI VK-22 Bolt Failure

My eight year-old daughter had never fired a (non-Nerf, non-water) gun before today.  She’s expressed interest in shooting before, but she’s so petite that any standard or ‘youth model’ rifle was far too long for her to shoot even from a bench.  I recently picked up an ATI VK-22, a mil-spec AR lower mated to a .22lr flattop upper, and we discovered that it fits her arms perfectly when the stock is fully collapsed.  This morning I gave her the gun safety lecture for the umpteenth time and then hovered behind her as she diligently blasted tin cans at ten yards.  And then the rifle’s bolt carrier tore itself to pieces.

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