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Chiappa: Hidden RFID Chip IDs Gun Owner “Forever”. Or Not.

Would you want any of your guns to contain a ‘permanent record’ of your updated personal information on a tiny RFID chip concealed in the frame and designed to resist tampering or removal? I didn’t think so. Chiappa Firearms, the maker of the Klingon-esque Rhino revolver and other guns, angered many American shooters earlier this summer when it announced that its firearms would be equipped with an RFID chip.  Chiappa America president Ron Norton donned his best asbestos suit to (try to) put out the ensuing flame-fest. By now, he was probably hoping the whole affair had blown over. Not so fast, Mr. Bond . . .

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MKS Disses Gun Rights Supporters, Confirms Chiappa RIFD Chip


A few days ago we reported that Italian firearms manufacturer Chiappa was going to start placing RFID chips into their firearms as part of an internal tracking process. The hairs on the back of American gun owners’ necks tingled at the thought (and not in a good way). Missing the “golden 24” (hours) of PR response time, MKS Distributing has released their own press release in response to the increased blog traffic regarding the the RFID chips. The American Distributor for Chiappa and Hi-Point promptly shot themselves in the foot . . .

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Chiappa Firearms Introducing RFID Trackers in their Firearms

Sometimes I read stuff on the internet and facepalm myself at the sheer ridiculousness I just forced my brain to process. The move’s usually triggered by news stories on Congressional pork rinds or the latest escapades of a reality-challenged reality star. And now I’ve wandered upon something that makes me wonder if the Chiappa Firearms Italian mothership has strapped on a jetpack and jumped the symbolic shark . . .

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