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Gear Review: See All Open Sight


Oversight Shooting Technologies in Blackfoot, Idaho — yes, the town boasts more than just the Idaho Potato Museum — is making a new gun sight. More than that, actually; it’s a new kind of sight. The See All Open Sight looks and feels like an advanced optic but it’s really more of a unique lovechild between a red dot-like optic and traditional iron sights. You can’t actually see through it and it doesn’t modify your vision in any way, but it’s much easier to see and to “align” than irons. A little explanation is needed here, so make the jump to learn more about the See All . . .

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Gun Review: Barrett MRAD

Barrett is best known for their .50 BMG semi-automatic rifles. They also produce some very nice bolt action rifles. Their latest rifle is called the MRAD or Multi-Role Adaptive Design rifle, chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. Barret trucked their rifle out to the NDIA symposium in Indianapolis (along with a generous supply of ammunition) and let me take a couple shots.

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Gun Review: Star Mod30-M

There’s something to be said for your “first” anything. Most of us can remember our first girlfriend, car, kid, felony arrest. . . er . . . This is a review of my first handgun: a Star Bonifacio Echeverria Model 30M in 9mm Luger. And oh what a memorable lady she is . . .

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Daniel Silva (courtesy William C. Montgomery)

Book Review: The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva *UPDATE*

“I read the entire book while I waited in line.” “I’m sorry, you did what?” the successful author asked without looking up from the book he was signing.  The Rembrandt Affair, which I reviewed last week, is the tenth novel by Daniel Silva featuring the Beretta 92 toting Mossad assassin, Gabriel Allon.  At the end of my review I concluded that this would be the last Gabriel Allon novel – at least for a while. “I’m just kidding.”

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Book Review: The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva

When generating sequels, authors develop a recognizable template for stamping out their stories. The public demands it. Publishers require it. The ribbons around the literary tent pole must be familiar. Predictable. Safe. But I don’t like reading form letters. Give me variety. Be original. Take a risk. So I was pleased to discover that Daniel Silva’s The Rembrandt Affair—the tenth novel by the author featuring legendary Israeli assassin Gabriel Allon—satisfied both my craving for something fresh and this die hard fan’s desire to hang out with old friends.

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Game Review – Target Practice

If you’ve been to the range lately, you’ve probably spent time getting up close and personal (or not-so-up-close and personal) with your favorite flavor of paper target. Clip it to the holder, and run that puppy downrange, then it’s “shooter ready” and we’re off to the races. But paper targets, live ammo, and practice time can be scarce. What’s a conscientious gun owner to do? Well, it’s no substitute for live ammo practice, but you can work on your hand-eye coordination with a nifty little 99-cent special from the iTunes store, by the name of Target Practice. continue reading

Gun Review: Springfield Loaded 1911-A1

When you think about handguns that have made their mark in the public’s mind, there is, hands down, no firearm more iconic than the venerable creation of John Browning, the Model 1911-AI. Call it a “1911,” a “Colt .45 auto” or a “Navy .45,” this was the gun that got us through WWII, the Korean War, and just about every conflict since. But if you’re late to the party, you might not realize that 1911s were not always held in such reverence. Nope. After WWII, a huge number of surplus 1911s flooded the market. Some good. Many of them not so good. In fact, it was far more likely to find a 1911 that wouldn’t even run, than it was to find one that was a lean, mean, fightin’ machine. As well, there were certain design idiosyncrasies that made the 1911 less than fun to shoot – especially the combo of grip safety and hammer that had a nasty tendency to take a bite out of your shooting hand at inappropriate times.

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