Remington Announces New Line of 870 DM Magazine-Fed Shotguns

[Read TTAG’s review of the Remington 870 DM HERE] Quick…when you think of a pump shotgun, what’s the first one that comes to mind? It’s probably the venerable Remington 870. And for good reason. There aren’t many more versatile, affordable pump guns sold…perfect for use in roles from home defense to hunting to breaking clays […]

Remington Outdoor Names Anthony Acitelli Chief Executive Officer

Remington Outdoor announced in August that their Chief Executive Officer, James Marcotuli, had stepped down. After an extensive search, Big Green has named Anthony Acitelli as their new CEO. Acitelli has an extensive background in the firearms industry working at ATK (now Vista Outdoor), Colt Defense and most recently as President and CEO of Taurus Holdings. […]

3 Tips for Choosing a Duck Hunting Load

As is the case with brass-cased cartridges for personal defense, there will always be, uh, “discussion” about which soft-shell load kills ducks the best. Marketing tactics pushing the newest shot formulas or wad designs will surely tempt even the most seasoned waterfowler. But a 12 gauge cartridge that dropped ducks during the Dust Bowl era […]

Gun Review: Remington RP9

While polymer pistol production has been proceeding apace across the industry, Remington had been busy pushing their R1 line. And why not? Remington’s been producing 1911’s for the U.S. Government since World War I; selling that history is easier than pushing another plastic fantastic. That was then, this is now. Remington has joined the GLOCKs, Springfields, Smiths, FNs and Walthers […]

TrackingPoint Rifles to Be Password Protected

TTAG’s been tracking TrackingPoint’s “precision guided rifle” for some time. We just blogged Remington’s announcement that its super-secret Venture X project is a TrackingPoint rifle of one sort or another. The Austin company’s software/hardware combo makes it possible for just about anyone to hit a long range target with a rifle. That’s a good thing, […]

Remington + TrackingPoint = Venture X

Well the mystery’s over. Remington’s announced that its forthcoming Venture X project is a firearm incorporating TrackingPoint’s tracking technology—just as Nick “Soothsayer” Leghorn predicted. And tested. We’re talking about a Remington-branded “precision guided firearm” or (PGF as I’ve dubbed it) that makes the worst hunter into a Lauren Rich [gratuitously depicted above] or a gender appropriate […]