Inside the TriggerTech Frictionless Trigger

TriggerTech is a Canadian company that started out making triggers for crossbows and Remington 700s. They’ve more recently branched into the AR-15 market (and a 1911 trigger is currently in the works). Their patented “Frictionless Release Technology” (FRT™) makes their products unique in the trigger world. Although we included TriggerTech’s drop-in AR trigger in our […]

Remington Still Fighting CNBC Model 700 Hatchet Job

Spinmeisters facing a publicity crisis are advised to live by the “Golden 24.” What you say to the public in the first 24 hours of a crisis is all that counts. Everything afterwards is just mopping-up. In the first 24 after CNBC aired its expose on self-firing Remington 700s, the gunmaker failed to get out […]

Portland Police Add Fuel to Remington 700’s Pyre

“The Portland [Maine] Police Department’s special reaction team has stopped using its Remington 700 sniper rifles,” reports. “Because one of them started firing unpredictably and a network news report said similar problems elsewhere have caused injuries and prompted lawsuits.” Although you’d kinda expect this—what with the Portal Po-Po’s jolt-fired 700 starring in CNBC’s supposed expose […]