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The Big Deal Over the AZ Immigration Law (and Why You Should Care)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or IN Iraq, I suppose) you’ve probably figured out by now that U.S. Immigration laws and border security is a right ruddy mess. Complete SNAFU. FUBAR’d to the max. Our Southern border is to security what a colander is to liquid impermeability. That is to say, it’s easier to sneak into the U. S. of A. than it is to, oh, I dunno, sneak into a White House official dinner. Which isn’t saying much, come to think of it, but still. So the fine folks in Arizona did something about this recently . . .

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NAGR Nags—But Doesn’t Beg

On the one hand, the DISCLOSE Act is really, really bad bill. Mandatory public disclosure of all campaign contributions above $600 and various other election ad-related provisions would have a chilling effect on said contributions and, thus, free speech. By the same token, the NRA’s “carve-out” is craven. On the other hand, the NRA’s exemption has rallied support against the bill (huzzah!). To their credit, the smaller gun rights groups (i.e. all the rest) that the NRA tried to throw under the bus have acted with more than semblance of dignity. The National Association for Gun Rights, for example, did NOT give the NRA a concussive clout around the ears, nor use this opportunity to finger me for some finbacks. Here’s their email:

Dear Brad ,

I’m happy to report that we’ve scored an important, albeit temporary, victory.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had planned to force a vote on the outrageous DISCLOSE Act — which could silence the National Association for Gun Rights and hundreds of other conservative groups not protected by the NRA’s sellout — today.

But over the last three days politicians and the NRA got a thumping from liberty-loving folks like you!

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