SHOT Show: R. Lee Ermey on Self Defense

Our Man Farago is out in Sin City, at the 2011 Shot Show. He caught up with everybody’s favorite gunny sergeant/Glock endorser/GEICO shrink R. Lee Ermey at a Glock-sponsored range at the show. Being the intrepid reporter he is, RF stuck his trusty iPhone 4 out and captured some choice bits from the Gunny re: […]

Glock Trots Out R. Lee Ermey at NRA Show

Brad tells us there’s a line a mile long at the NRA convention’s Glock stand. They’re supplicants, waiting for a little face time with Full Metal Jacket‘s Gunny Hartman. Seems the masochists in the crowd aren’t getting what they, uh, need from R. Lee Ermey. Brad says he’s as patient as Job and as nice […]